AQSIQ licence:

We are prominent CHINA AQSIQ License Consultant in India. We have opened office for better support and smooth work for Indian clients. 

We help the association understand in detail about importing policies of raw cotton & cotton wastes, environmental control policies and the practical solutions of trading was one of the registration units of international wastes trade association. We have a qualified and highly proficient team and get the law support from China AQSIQ Agency, together, trusting on a deep and mature relationship between the societies, which help us become the industry leader. Relying on the efficient, practical and honest way of work, we won the undisputed endorsement of customers, which make us very satisfied and be confident.


Brother Exim is offering value added Auditing for Certification for ISO Standards, Inspection, and Social Audits Services in India. Brother Exim formed with the objective to operate as Auditing Firm that is truly receptive to understand client need and to ensure systems are in place, that too in delivering its Auditing and Certification Services.

  1. ISO 9001:2008 Certification Services:

    Benefit of ISO 9001:2008 Certification:

    •  Help Organization to produce Desired Outcome
    • Ensures Ongoing Controls
    •  Enhance Customer Satisfaction by meeting Customer requirement
    •  Process through PDCA (plan Do Check Act)
    •  Continual Improvement through ISO 9001
    •  QMS Certification also help to Increase Profitability
    • Helps organization for avoidance of Risk
    •  QMS is Sustainable Approach of any Business
    •  Help Business, Government & Society.
  2. ISO 14001:2004 Certification Services:

    Benefit of ISO 14001:2004 Certification:

    Considering today’s world concern of global warming and environmental aspect, each nation has its commitment towards environmental issues. In such situation such Certification help organization in many way, some of these may be as below:

    •  Helps Organization to reduce waste handling cost.
    • Reduces environmental liability risks
    •  Increases profitability by saving energy & better utilization of natural resources.
    •  Enhance branding of Organization.
    •  Continual improvement of environmental performances.
    •  Process through PDCA (plan Do Check Act)
    • EMS Certification also help to Increase Profitability
    •  EMS helps business to ensure better compliance of legal & regulatory requirement
  3. OHSAS 18001:2007 certification Services:

    Benefit of OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification:

    •  Helps Organisation to reduce accidents & disturbance in production.
    • Focus on employee safety.
    •  Helps Better Legal & Regulatory Compliances.
    •  Minimize administrative cost
    •  Improve Brand Building.
    •  Help organization to Attract Good Manpower.
    • Reduces Insurance Cost.
    •  Reduces Public Liability Insurances cost.
    • Demonstrate Forward thinking approach.
    • Help Business, Government & Society.
  4. ISO 22000:2005 Certification Services:

    Benefit of ISO 22000 Certification:

    •  Helps Organization to provide safe food products to consumers.
    • ISO 22000 is a Scientific Approach
    •  Make food safety responsibility of Food Chain parties.
    •  Competitive edge
    •  Help Business, Government & Society.
  5. HACCP:

    It is an internationally accepted technique for preventing microbiological, chemical and physical contamination for the food. Food includes:

    •  Fruits & Vegetables
    • Dairy Products
    •  Meat & Meat Products
    •  Fish & Fishery Products
    •  Spices & Condiments
    •  Nuts & Nut Products
    • Cereals
    •  Bakery & Confectionary
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Fast Food Operations etc.

The HACCP technique does this by identifying the risks, establishing critical control points, setting critical limits, and ensuring control measures are validated, verified and monitored before implementation. This has been an established fact that effective implementation of HACCP will enhance the ability of companies to protect the food risk and enhance brands in sustainable manner. This also promotes consumer confidence in the products and conform requirement of legal, Regulatory & Consumer.

Import Export Licence:

We help organization in getting the most important license for importing and exporting goods from and to the world.